The Boombox Saints Release New Album – ‘For the Moment’

We’ve been steadily hearing more material from the Hip-Hop troupe hailing from our Northern neighbor of Canada, the Boombox Saints. And now, they’ve released a culmination of material from the past year as the full-length LP, For the Moment. They chose a very wide-spread distribution model for this 14-track release (with a couple guest features from Emmalyn Estrada), with it being available for purchase, download and streaming from a number of different sources. You can get it for free from their website, but if you’d like to throw some coinage their way, you can also grab it from the following digital retail outlets. Soundcloud and Spotify streaming can be found after the break.

Recorded over 10 months from late 2011 into 2012 “For The Moment” is a brutally honest narrative of each individual’s experiences with life’s highs and lows, family struggles and painful personal relationships.

Purchase: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes

1.  Whole World
2.  Comin’ Back
3.  Move On
4.  For The Moment
5.  Blind feat. Emmalyn Estrada
6.  Choreographer
7.  0
8.  Walls
9.  By My Side feat. Vanessa Villabroza
10.  For You feat. Jenilee Reyes
11.  Walk On By
12.  Peekaboo Style feat. Emmalyn Estrada
13.  Can’t Be (Interlude)
14.  One Last Time


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