Wong Fu Presents ‘The Last’ With Harry Shum Jr, Kina Grannis, Kaile Goh, Yuri Tag & More

WongFu seems to love touching upon matters of the heart with their videos. The Last is yet another great example – that features some awesome music figures flexing their acting muscles. Just as the preview indicated, Harry Shum Jr. and Kina Grannis play the lead roles with Kaile Goh and Yuri Tag in supporting roles. Sure, it may be a little bit sappy, but it speaks to a part that most of us look to experience. For the director’s commentary, check out WongFu’s website.

A simple question, “How many have you loved?” Is your answer, one and only? Or is it several, all of whom have shaped your life?

Written & Directed by Philip Wang
Produced with Wesley Chan and Christine Chen
Cinematography by Wesley Chan and Philip Wang
Music by Sam Kang and Dustin Kim https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-drama-ep/id570199120

Harry Shum Jr https://twitter.com/iharryshum
Kina Grannis http://youtube.com/kinagrannis
Shelby Rabara https://twitter.com/shelby_rabara
Mimi Chao http://twitter.com/_mimo
Kaile Goh http://youtube.com/KaileGoh
Yuri Tag https://twitter.com/yuritag
Lana Mckissack http://youtube.com/lanamckissack

Special Thanks:
Sam Bay
Mimi Chao
Ted Fu
Tina Ong
Diana Tran
Cafe Dulce

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