AM Kidd Performs “Everything I Used to Know”

It’s a return to a familiar platform for AM Kidd, where he takes up his trusty keyboard and performs a joint for Youtube called “Everything I Used to Know”. You gotta admit, it may be a niche genre but few people are diving into the Key-Hop music quite like AM. Adding a touch of musicality to rap is always something I can appreciate. Lyrics are available after the video.

I’m not the type to open up to everybody
maybe it’s the walls I put up so I hold a lot back
‘Cause in my past, I gave my all to everything
and never got it back. Now I feel it’s only right to go half
I know I’ve done wrong
I know I’m not a saint
I got a lot of issues that I still need to face
It’s part of growing up but I guess I rushed change
and it wasn’t fair of me to point at you to blame
I miss what we used to have then and the way we used to be
I believe we can go back
You and I run deep and we can’t forget that
so tell me where you at, tell me where you at
Usually my pride runs way too high
but I’d rather say “Hello” again than say “Bye”
Friends come and go but I’m not one of them
so here I am

Saying that I’ve missed you
out of everyone I’ve known
no one ever got this close

You know that I’ve missed you
nothing feels like home
you’re everything I used to know

You know that I’ve missed you
some things might of changed
but our friendship still remains

You know that I’ve missed you.
You were my best friend

I don’t want to hold a grudge or believe I’m in the right
’cause it doesn’t matter when you lose a friend for life
I hate it when my ego takes the place I use for love
I’m always finding reasons for the walls I’m building up
pointing fingers at each other. Trying to play victim
This is why I’m here. My pride is why you’re missing
Knew it along but I didn’t want to be the first to admit it
now I’m over here thinking why we acting different
but since you’ve been gone, nothings been the same
you’re the one that understood my ways
since back in the days
I never had a friend like you
doing what real friends do
looking out for each other when we both did dumb things
you were there when I was broke and had nothing
I just want my friend back
I just want my life back

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