Mickey Cho Drops “Kick, Push”

Here’s a new drop from Mickey Cho called “Kick, Push” (not to be confused with the debut Lupe song). It’s just one extended verse with Mickey sharing his thoughts on a Urban Romantic City instrumental. It’s simple and straight-forward but I’m loving this one. Lot’s of lines caught my ear from beginning to end and thankfully, it’s available from his Bandcamp page. Check out the no-frills video below too.

Rapping what I live? Or living what I Rap?
Is music my expression or the image I enact?

Purchase: Bandcamp

i used to kick, push, back when i was younger
skating down the boulevard, a kid full of wonder
when the world tried to suffocate me, take me down under
they couldn’t paralyze me, i was full of hunger
dreaming big enough to float away, balloons in the sky
questions of the world, looney tunes on my mind
a couple years later, i would focus all my time
on the art of hip-hop, learning how to write and rhyme
and this is where i’m at, put in the position to
rhyme, with the people, back in college, i would listen to
padawan to jedi, now i catch the red eye
all around the world, singing Jesus is alive
people ask me all the time, are you a christian rapper?
that depends, on a couple different factors
rapping what i live, or living what i rap?
is the music my expression, or the image i enact?
the worlds at war, sometimes it gets messy
no sugarcoated lie, no watered down dressing
they throw you into battle as a kid, are you ready?
may the odds be ever in your favor. effie!
some fight for survival, others for the title
but i fight for neither, i fight for revival
the devil says i failed, this battle is for you to lose
like i really give a crap about these youtube views, please
but in the end, its a breeze like an easy go
cause in reality, i’m fighting a defeated foe
so many people wage war against a manikin
that hasn’t been effective since the cross two thousand years ago
and it’s ridiculous that he intimidates us
OMG, LOL, #wakeup!
and here’s a nugget for you gold digging tweeters
if Jesus is unshakeable, you shouldn’t be either!
sometimes i like to watch a little justin bieber
believing that he’s called to be a monumental leader
if nobody believes for our celebrities and divas
then we’ve given them away, in addition to their freedom
so move away and stand back
i’m climbing up the mountain where the wealthy stand at
beyonces, and kanyes, and nicki minajs
all saved, mental pictures, i would instragram that
is that Facebook worthy?
like if you agree, leave a comment if ya heard me
follow me on twitter, click on all my music
is it pride if i believe i have a calling of influence
“it isn’t me, it’s all him anyway”
add that to the list of schtuff christian rappers say
why’s it crime to believe in what you do?
you act as if your God don’t even believe in you
i know my God got my back like chiroprac
and so i elevate my praise up a couple stacks
i know it makes my enemy grow sicker
let him fight, opposition makes this sail fly quicker
nahh, don’t do it, a holy ghost celebration
jam-kinda music, i’m rocking with the truest
who needs to learn the dougie when i manifest the joy
undignified like david, you could holla atcho boy!

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