Passport: Marie Digby Collaborates with the Late Hiroshi Sato on “Sweet Lullaby” & “Angel”

Marie Digby made a sad announcement today, sharing the news of the passing of her Japanese friend and fellow musician, Hiroshi Sato. Before his death, Marie had the opportunity to work on the following two singles with the producer, “Sweet Lullaby” and “Angel”. Marie has certainly found an audience abroad but it’s with a heavy heart she shares these tracks with us, which you can find on iTunes. RIP Hiroshi Sato.

Purchase (iTunes): “Sweet Lullaby“, “Angel

A dear friend of mine just passed away a few days ago. His name is Hiroshi Sato and he was a very brilliant musician and well renowned producer in Japan. Before his passing, we had a chance to collaborate on a few songs ‘ Sweet Lullaby’ and ‘ Angel’..

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