More Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 7/30/13

Here are another half dozen videos that have made their public debuts since our last review round-up last week. There are some great visuals here along with some more run of the mill fare. We give our first reaction to each video just cause that’s what we do.

Joseph Vincent – “My Queen”

Very impressive production values. Great listen & watch.

Kesna Music (Kero One x eSNa) – “Is It Love?”

A fun video though eSNA looks nervous riding that bike, haha. The song is still top notch though.

Rekstizzy x Ann One – “One Track Mind”

Feelin’ the song, video is standard fare but filled with some cool cameos. If only Ann One had a bigger part in the song.

J, Han – “On We Go”

Dope song; clean but unmemorable video. The choice to go B/W did not do Georgetown justice.

Andrew Huang x Veela – “Space Cowboy”

A must watch for Cowboy Bebop fans. A curiously entertaining video/song for everyone else.

Conchita Campos – “On and On”

A fair attempt at parlaying a narrative and message but suffers from poor pacing.

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