The Music Video Mini-Review Round-Up – 8/19/13

Within the past few days, an unexpected influx of music videos have made their Youtube debut. A pleasant surprise was to see a number of drops from some female MCs. Anyway, without further ado, have fun viewing this batch!

Us – “Make You Love Me”

From their self-titled album, the duo continues to weave well portrayed visual narratives together with their music. Another great entry to their already-strong catalog of material.

HeeSun Lee – “Life Is Too Short”

I can’t say I was won over by the video but this is the first time I’m hearing of HeeSun Lee and you can color me impressed. This girl’s got a hungry flow! Can’t wait to hear more from her upcoming album Stereotypes.

Joseph Vincent – “Set You Free”

JV has been on an impressive role lately. It was a nice change of pace to select this slightly edgier single off his Blue Skies project. The video isn’t as technically ostentatious as his last one, but it’s arguably more fun.

Rocky Rivera – “No Love”

This is from the upcoming Gangster of Love. It’s a clean but standard street-video visual affair though Rocky Riv doesn’t disappoint behind the mic. Polished tenacity.

Paul Kim – “Give Into Me”

PK on a raggae/R&B joint? Yup and it ain’t half bad. As for the video, it’s hard to go wrong when you shoot it in Hawaii. Although, hearing any guy repeat “Give Into Me” over & over can come off as creepy after a while…

Dreamz – “Come On”

The video is a fun, summer release though the song’s verse’s aren’t quite as strong as it’s catchy chorus. It’s almost odd to see them… “normal” and not over the top.

Hopie Spitshard – “Someone Else”

A chill song off Sugar Water that’s a little more low-key than Hopie’s past work with a un-gaudy video to match. Enjoyable although not particularly memorable.

Dru B Shinin’ x Young Zeus – “Let’s Go”

Modest video quality though Dru seems to be growing as an MC. The song was just aight for me.

Chris Cash x Freddy B – “Cake” (Starring Ashley Vee)

The song is a moderately catchy, radio friendly tune and the video is basically an Ashley Vee modeling reel. So take it or leave it.
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