Recent Music Releases Round-Up (Mid-August 2013)

We’re in the latter half of August, but there’s still a little over a week left. Some of you have already started school while others are grasping at the fading last moments of Summer 2013. The rest of us are carrying on with business as usual and that holds true for a number of our artists. Here is some new music that has graced our inboxes, speakers, and Youtube subscriptions the past couple weeks or so. Peruse the lot and see if there was something you missed!

[Single] Big Pete x Manifest x Paradise – “The Reflection”

Get It: Soundcloud

[Single] Lyrics Born Featuring for Lotus – “Cannon in the Heavens”

Get It: Soundcloud

[Album] Verseatile – Good Mourning

Hip-Hop, 14 Tracks
Get It: Bandcamp, Google PlayiTunes, Spotify

[Album] Andrew Huang – Voyager

Electro-Pop, 9 Tracks
Get It: Bandcamp

[Single] J. Reyez x Jimmyboi – “What You Know About Me”

Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Limelinx

[SIngle] Azure x P-Funk – “Few Wishes”

Get It: Soundcloud

[Single] Masia One x Sizzla Kalonji – “Freedom”

Get It: Online Site

[SIngle] Hydroponikz – “King”

Get It: Soundcloud

[Single] Brian – “Pretty Woman” (English Version)

Listen: Youtube,  Get It: iTunes

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