The Early-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 2/23/14

Whoa, this is the biggest MV round-up we’ve had in quite some time! So we’re starting your week off right with this heavy lot. There are over a dozen visuals for you to check out here, and I promise you, many of them are well worth giving a watch. So without further ado, play on.

Tim Be Told – “The Battle Hymn”

In this mega collab of a song, Tim Be Told is joined by Jae Jin, Michelle Chae, Psalm Bird, and Calie Garrett for a powerful new single from their recent album, Mighty Sound. Though none of the artists make an appearance in the video, it honestly didn’t need them as it effectively portrays it’s heart through dance. Great, all the way around.

Esna Yoon – “Lovely Day”

We’re always excited to see Esna step out from behind the scenes as a song writer in Korea and into the spotlight to promote her own material. “Lovely Day” shows some great growth for the artist as singer/songwriter, playing to an infectious indie-Pop sound… all accompanied by a cute video.

Verseatile – “Letting Go”

Overall, I’m a bigger fan of Verse as a rapper versus a singer, but every once in a while he’ll drop something that will momentarily change my mind. This cut off his Good Mourning project is one such song (and he didn’t leave out the rap completely). Great beat selection, decent writing, and sharp R&B sensibilities make this a nice listen. The purple floating head is tad creepy though.

Us – “Falling in Love”

You should already know that I’m a huge Us fan. This video certainly only reinforces that. I mean, by this point it feels like we are just watching saccharine video after video of their never ending honeymoon – and it’s hard to not get sucked in. I bet if this couple ever fought, it’s with pillows and balloons filled with unicorns and rainbows.

Elise Estrada – “U Don’t Need 2 Know”

Elise is one of those singers whom I’m a fan of her talent, but not as much her song/single selection. But her latest just may be the strongest match for the pop artist. It keeps things bubble-gum light and modern but with a retro twist courtesy of a Jackson 5 sample. The video ain’t deep but it’s visually fun.

On Fire Ent – “Throw It All Away”

The release of Dark November may have been a while back, but doesn’t mean it’s too late to promote the project. It was an ambitious album that addressed a lot of their personal experiences with past relationships, and did so in a fairly effective way. The video serves a similar function though isn’t quite as memorable.

J. Reyez x Jay Park x Jimmyboi x Rob Campman – “Stand Out”

First things first, the artist known as Southstar has dropped the alias and is now known by his gov’t name, Rob Campman. He joins Jimmyboi and Jay Park on J. Reyez’s latest joint, “Stand Out”. It’s a tad generic (ironic) at first listen, but it’s appeal lies in it’s star studded line-up. They all turn in serviceable versus though JImmyboi had the most polished drop.

Gold Rush Kings x Like – “Surreal”

If you’re a fan of that boom-bap, this is gonna be a breathe of fresh air. Gold Rush Kings link up with Like (of Pac Div fame) for a dope indie-Hip-Hop track. It makes me want to go back and dig up some of my early 2000s Hip-Hop playlist. But a random observation: Odds looks so ridiculously far gone it’s like he barely realizes he’s in a music video.

Gunnarolla x Shannon Coffey – “S My D”

Based on the title, I don’t know what you expected, but I’m pretty sure it’s not gonna match what you envisioned. I suppose that’s the off-kilter charm of leaving the abbreviation ambiguous… Or maybe it means exactly what you think it means. I’m not really sure whether I should laugh or go take a shower.

Jason Chu – “Red Lines”

Chu is one of those artists who always looks to use his craft to carry a bigger message. “Red Lines” tackles the harmful practice of cutting and it’s toll and effect. It’s a candid look and encourages the idea that there is now, and always will be, hope if you seek it.

Mike-Dash-E – “S.O.M.A.”

This is an orphan single from MDE and though it’s not attached to any project I’m glad he chose to drop it. The video is unmemorable promo fodder and definitely plays second fiddle to the stronger tune. A recommended listen for any Hip-Hop fan.

Jargon x TFK – “Closer”

In a genre full of braggadocio and one-up-manship, I can appreciate it when an artist doesn’t take himself too seriously. Such is the appeal of the music video which thankfully promotes a decently strong single on it’s own right. Besides, when the last time you saw a rapper rocking a boa and a onesie?

Kina Grannis Featues for Imaginary Friend – “April”

Neither Kina nor her husband (visibly) appear in this video, but it’s an endearing listen and watch without them that I’ve included it as a bonus. It’s a calming way to close out this round-up playlist =)

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