Here Are 5 Acoustic Performances of Original Songs for Your Thursday Night

The acoustic format certainly lends itself to the cause of live performances. Logistically, it’s just easier to pull off with the biggest issue usually being amplification. Here are 5 recent performance clips that have made their way across our online playlists. They range from sets by a full band to simple, single-camera on a single-artist set ups. I’m fairly certain everyone will find something to enjoy.

Dia Frampton Performs “Footsteps”

I actually think this song has grown on me and enjoy it better the second time around. Though I’m still anticipating hearing a proper studio version.

Melissa Polinar x Nina Storey Perform “Happy”

Ms Polinar has more talent in her pinky than most of us have in our entire high school class. That being said, she sounds great here but I miss the polish of the studio single.

AJ Rafael x Alex Aiono Perform “Warrior (Better Days)”

The song may have been created on a whim (for his MusicLab series), but AJ & company have crafted a meaningful tune that could actually be re-tooled into an actual promotional track.

Andy Suzuki & The Method Performs “Born Out of Mischief”

Sure, this clip is a lot more raw than the album rendition, but this life performance contains a fair amount of character and under-valued simplicity.

AM Kidd Performs “Hold On”

Instrumentation wise, I like the sweeping, melancholy vibe of the track. The rapping isn’t a perfect fit for the vibe as is, but I think that could be alleviated with some added strings and sounds.

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