5 New Songs to Start Off Your September

Happy Labor Day to all our Stateside readers. For our international friends, happy beginning of the week (and month) to you! OK, with the pleasantries out of the way, let’s jump straight into some new music that has seen a release recently that we haven’t had the chance to cover yet. Here are 5 songs, 2 of which are free downloads, 2 are paid singles and 1 isn’t quite available to own just yet. But all are stream-able in one form or another, so have a listen and enjoy!

Johnnyphlo – “Preface”

Korean Hip-Hop
This joint may not be long but it’s surprisingly hard hitting. Johnnyphlo‘s releases have tapered off in quantity the past year or so but it’s good to hear him behind the mic again, and with a seemingly newfound tenacity. The aggerssive switch up is a dope change of pace – let’s just hope we hear from the MC on a more regular basis.
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AMP – “In Your Hands”

Inspirational Hip-Hop
The trio’s first new single in months serves as an evolutionary step, though not revolutionary. They are continuing to refine their unique sound and brand of Faith-based Hip-Hop and seem to have decidedly remain in that lane. We’ve seen the members experiment a little bit on their individual projects but I wouldn’t mind seeing them do so as a collective.
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Baiyu – “The One”

Baiyu has become quite adept at releasing strong, moody R&B singles that delves into the more emotional side of the genre in stark contrast to the more shallow but radio friendly tunes we often hear now-a-days. This prob won’t be a song to get stuck in your head but it’s a good listen.
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Gunnarolla x HetareBBoy – “Konkai (This Time)”

Asian Pop
Gunnarolla chose to dabble in some international pop music and despite the linguistic risk, I think he pulled it off fairly well. He wisely stuck to his eclectic, throwback style of Pop and incorporated Japanese pretty well along with his guest rapper. This is from his upcoming Asian Pop influenced album A-POP. (See the MV, here)
Get It: Bandcamp

Yellow Boyz – “Most Wanted”

YB’s Jeniside shows off his production chops as he handles the beat for this song (off the upcoming N.W.A. mixtape). All things considered, this is probably one of their stronger songs. They tone down their off-kilter goofiness a touch and offer something a little more polished. That being said, it isn’t too far a departure from their usual style, for better or worse.

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