The End-of-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Youtube Round-Up – 10/25/13

I fell behind once again this week, so the MV round-up was pushed to the end of the week. Oh well, it gave a couple extra days for some of the following videos to make the cut. There were a fair number this time around, offering a little bit more variety. If you’re in an instrumental kind of mood, we got you covered. Hip-Hop? No prob. Pop? Yup. So pull up a chair and spend some time checking out these visuals.

iNCH. – “The Chefalo Knot”

Here’s a pretty coold studio-music video for “The Chefalo Knot” off of iNCH’s latest album, Bumfuzzle. It may not be as visually creative as her last MV, but I can always appreciate a little bit of musicality in any Youtube clip.

Adam WarRock – “B.S.F.X.”

Honestly, the production values aren’t amazing, but this is the kind of video that makes Youtube so awesome. Adam takes his trademark comic book rhymes and puts together the perfect campy vid to promote it with. Can’t wait for his next album, The Middle of Nowhere.

Rocky Rivera – “Wake Up”

The release of Gangster of Love is just around the corner, and thankfully that means we’ve got this new piece by Rocky Rivera. The song is “Wake Up” and takes the narrative on a more personal path, following the artist formerly known as Eyeasage around on a typical morning. I like it like Facebook.

AJ Rafael – A Piano Medley of His Music

AJ takes a number of his songs and strings them together in Piano form to present a nice instrumental medley. It’s perfect to listen to while studying or just looking for a way to unwind. The video is a straightforward, 1 shot camera setup, but gives you something to watch if you are so inclined.

Kina Grannis x Marie Digby – “The Keeper”

A part of me wonders why it took so long for these two to collaborate, but the majority of me is just stoked to see that it finally happened. “The Keeper” is a great blend of the two singers’ styles and a very strong singer-songwriter tune overall. I just wished they went ahead and put out a full-blown music video instead of this faux-live visual.

D-Pryde – “Dannie Riel”

Prizzy’s back with a new tune and through a series of fortunate events, was able to get the namesake of the track to appear in the video. So here is D with Dannie Riel in the video for this pretty solid Hip-Hop track. I can only wonder who was geeking out more to work with the other – something tells me it was Pryde.

Alexander Spit – “The Room”

Spit always has a reason for any artistic direction he takes, but I can’t say this one fully connected with me – at least on a visual level. I get it, I just wasn’t as captivated as I expected to be. On the other hand, the song is as strong as any other A. Spit drop.

Jasmine Villegas – “Masquerade”

This is an older video that was sitting in the vault but Jasmine decided to release it as a holdover until she can present some new material. The song is a pretty decent R&B/Pop tune. As for the MV, it’s serviceable but really just an above-average lip-sync clip. But that’s all it needs to be since it was never used for official promotional purposes.


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