Patrice Wilson’s Latest Protege is Grace Liu… And I’m Too Defeated to Care

Screw it. I give up. Patrice Wilson, you have beaten me. I can’t find the energy to complain and bemoan your incessant brand of silly, ridiculous pop music. This is beyond irony, beyond opinion and beyond real. Our friend Patrice is music’s Keyser Söze, a villain so effective, I’m not even sure he exists anymore. But things happen, and his name and music videos are mentioned in fear, and the legend continues.

That was a very long winded way to say that the latest child-act is a young girl by the name of Grace Liu. She uses her bi-lingual skills to entice us to join her on a journey around the world in her various modes of transportation. Honestly, it’s not even terrible. Just mindlessly repetitive/catchy and a little surreal. It’s like a Kidz Bop version of “Gangnam Style”.

Grace, I promise you, you’re gonna grow up, look back at this and laugh. And then maybe cry. But then you’ll laugh and cry at the same time… and a snot bubble will appear from your nose and will pop, and you’ll be left only laughing. Well played.

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