Worst Ever: Yoko Didn’t Kill It With This Performance, But Music May Have Still Died a Little

It’s hard to bring up Yoko Ono without invoking some very passionate opinions – calling them mixed wouldn’t even begin to describe it. But no matter because the Lennon widow has managed to remain quasi relevant for decades now – and her brand of… unique music doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

But this performance of “Don’t Worry, Kyoko” at Glastonbury 2014 really didn’t seem to catch on with the fans too much, save for a few in the front row. I can’t say this is the worst performance in front of a sizable crowd that I’ve ever seen, but it ain’t too far away from that. Or maybe I just don’t “get it”.

What do you guys think? Artistic, avante-garde gold? Or pretentious, incomprehensible garbage?

Oh and for bonus, here’s her past cover of Katy Perry’s “Firework”

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