Required Reading: The Evolution of Kina Grannis

Kina Grannis is at a point in her career where she’s no longer a hidden gem in the singer/songwriter world. She’s gained enough traction and hard earned/well deserved fanship that she can tour the world over and have her music pop up in various places in media and retail. With ever-growing exposure, it makes us that more appreciative when a profile on the artist comes around that doesn’t feel like a rehash of what everyone else has said about her. And that’s what you get with this piece from The Arcadia Online.

It’s just a little more personal, a little more intimate – and it’s made enough of a difference for me to definitely recommend the read.

Kina is as devoted to her fans as they are to her. She ensures that she takes time to try to reply to every tweet she receives. She revealed that interaction with her fans is especially important to her.

She pondered: “The interaction has been so key for me because it started so organically and small. It never jumped to a place I couldn’t handle because it was always a slow growth.”

As she spoke about her fans, her voice was laced with gratitude. She said passionately: “I feel like I’ve really been able to get to know a lot of them and involve them in the process. I owe them everything, so it is really important to share as much as I can with them.”

So go ahead and catch it in full, over at TAO.

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