The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 7/9/14 – Solo Female Artist Edition

OK. We admit it. With all the changes going on behind the scenes here at a-Tunes, we’ve been slacking a little on sharing the music with you guys. But fear not, we’ve been keeping track of everything and will be attempting to bring you guys up to speed.

So we’ve gone through a good chunk of the music videos that have dropped in the past couple months, and rather than post about all of them all at once, we’re going to split it up into various categories. This first batch will be comprised of solo female artists. And since it’s still a sizable list, we’ll limit the “mini-review” to just one like and dislike apiece.


Nicole Scherzinger – “Your Love”

+ Nicole. Dancing. On a beach.;- Waste of her vocal talents (too much psuedo singing)

Krissy – “We Can’t Be”

+ Krissy proves she is a more than capable solo act; – Minor: but sounds like a discarded Taylor Swift track

Maribelle Anes – “Don’t Need a Man”

+ love the retro Pop/R&B vibe; – that makeup

Kina Grannis – “The Fire”

+ good, “mature” musical step  for Kina; – Fire motif too subtle, seemed foggy instead of smokey

TOKiMONSTA – “Soul to Seoul” Pt 1 & 2

+ understatedly creepy, in a good way; – not entirely sure I get it

Jessi Malay – “Give Me Life”

+ Catchy dance tune; – not a fan of the editing

Vienna Teng – “Gravity”

+ Pretty Cinematography; – Pacing of “narrative”

Mayda – “Verite”

+ Visually/conceptually different; – Low quality/production values. Way too much “noise”.

Marie Digby – “Lovesick Sunday”

+ chorus is stealthily catchy; – OK, we get it. Singer/Songwriters love to sing in nature in their videos

Marie Digby – “Korewa”

+ I like the percussion/bassline; – see above. It’s just more hippy karaoke in nature.

Crystal Kay – “Rule Your World”

+ Much stronger all the way around than her debut US single;- Productions are not nearly as polished as I would expect from a notable J-Pop star


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