The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 11/12/14 – Fantasy Edition

We’re keeping this week’s collection brief with a slightly smaller list. But they are all intruiging watches cause they each incorporate some type of Fantasy and/or Science Fiction element. One of the coolest things about the video medium is that artists can explore an entire different world and character that we wouldn’t other wise hear on a record. Onward to the mini-reviews!

Kina Grannis x Ken Loi – “Write It in the Sky” (Remix)

+Production (both musically and visually), Arden Cho as a lead, Sci-fi motifs
-Although it’s subtle, the AT&T product placement with a 2014 phone for what is supposedly the future just irks me

Rocky Rivera – “Pussy Kills”

+Strong track, refreshing to hear a female rapper not named Nicki
-The occult  themes strayed between intriguing and corny

Jin Akanishi – “Mi Amor”

+That laser guitar is one of the coolest props I’ve seen in a while, catchy tune
-Video could have used more of the choreographed action throughout

Jabbawockeez x The Bangerz – “Trick-or-Beats” (Highway Lights)”

+Dancing is sick, as always
-I wouldn’t have minded some more visual variety

Conchita Campos – “Ease My Mind”

+I’m liking the noir/Hitchcockian feel to the video
-It’s low budget roots can’t be denied

Steve Aoki x – “Born to Get Wild”’s penchant for catchiness’s penchant for banality


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