The Mid-Week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 4/1/15 – The Staged Edition

We’re not one for April Fools… at least not this year. Nope, instead we are keeping things straight forward and just bringing you another weekly music video mini-review round-up. The theme for this week are music videos that feature a mainstay for any artists – the stage. So if there’s a MV that recently dropped that featured a stage of some sort, it’s probably in this round-up.

Kina Grannis – “Oh Father”

+Pretty cool use of the stage & practical effects
-The slomo falling scene seemed to be shown every 10 seconds

The Flavr Blue – “Hearts Racing”

+I’m digging the sound/vibe
-I feel foolish for just now finding out about this act

Rocky Sandoval – “Main Fling”

+Cool song with a good mid-tempo bounce
-The video ain’t bad considering the limited resources, but it’s not incredibly impressive either

Blush – “Crzy Love”

+The song has grown on me with additional listens
-This is more of an excuse to use b-roll & shaky live footage than it is a proper MV

Steve Aoki x – “Born to Get Wild”

+I think I prefer this remix over the original
-But I enjoyed the original video more

Steve Aoki – “Cakeface”

+A self aware celebration of one of Steve’s most signature live show moments
-Maybe I’m old, but I would never want to be caked at a concert…

Mikey Bustos – “One Song at a Time”

+A heart warming video that reflects on some of Mikey’s success
-But the song is somewhat old at this point and shows it’s saccharine roots

Malea – “Give”

+I like the song though I’m still getting used to Malea’s genre change over the past year or so
-VFX alternated between kinda cool and kinda cheesy


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