The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 3/4/15 – The Dramatic Edition

If you’ve been looking for something with a little more dramatic flair, today’s MV mini-review round-up is perfect for you. Each video in this batch has a narrative on display with the principal actors flexing some of their emotional chops. Sometimes, even the artists themselves are front and center. There’s a lot to like here, so settle down and enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger – “Run”

+It’s one of the simplest songs off her latest album, and one of the best; hauntingly beautiful
-I got nothing negative to say

re:plus x Sam Ock – “Yourside”

+We already knew RP x SO is a winning combo, and that hasn’t changed
-I like the video, except for the fact that it appears to have been run through the Kelvin instagram filter

Jhene Aiko – “Spotless Mind”

+I liked this one, both video and song, a lot.
-Nothing wrong with this release, but Traphik has skewed the way I view Jhene videos

David Choi – “All I Need”

+Slo-mo effects are on point
-Not really a knock, but this heavily reminded me of this video at times

Honey Cocaine – “Side Bitch”

+I can appreciate how they tied this to a past video
-N bomb. By far the most egregious offense

P. Keys – “Baggage”

+One of PK’s most radio ready songs to date
-All in all, this video ain’t too different from this one

Mark Agustin – “Don’t Let Go”

+MA’s epic, synth heavy songs tend to be a refreshing change of pace
-Ugh… distorted aspect ratios are a huge pet peeve of mine

Steve Aoki x Moxie Raia – “I Love It When You Cry”

+Crap, this song is catchy
-Steve REALLY loves these sci-fi esque videos. I kind of dread the day the theme gets played out

ARCHIS – “Bittersweet”

+This is some of the best I’ve heard from Dia post The Voice
-Huh? I’m confused. What just happened?

Hana Kim – “Heaven Sees Me”

+Moving and poetic
-But it’s all to battle a terrible plight of humanity – Human Trafficking – learn more here.

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