New Music Tuesday: 1/27/15 – Paul Kim, David Choi, Liane V, Adam Warrock, Tim Be Told x Jin, Samuel Joseph Kim

It’s our last New Music Tuesday of January and this one is jam-packed! A lot of new music has recently come out and our gain… is your gain too. So in case you were wondering what to fill up your playlist with, this is a fantastic place to start. Don’t forget, bolded and starred(*) entries are our highlighted recommendations from the bunch!

* [Album] Paul Kim – My Word
Notes: Also features David So
Get It: Google Play, iTunes, Online Store
Stream It: Spotify

[Single] David Choi – “All I Need”
Acoustic, Singer/Songwriter
Notes: Off the upcoming album, Stories of You’s and Me, due Feb 17th
Get It: iTunes
Stream It: Youtube

[Single] Liane V – “Don’t Be That Guy”
Stream It: Soundcloud

* [Single] Liane V x Trevor Jackson – “Keep Playin'”
Stream It: Soundcloud

* [EP Album] Adam Warrock – Gifted Student
Get It: Bandcamp

* [Single] Tim Be Told x Jin – “Into the Stars”
Notes: Lyric Video
Get It: Bandcamp

[EP Album] Samuel Joseph Kim – Winter House
Get It: BandcampGoogle Play, iTunes
Stream It: Spotify

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