The Mid-week Music Video Mini-Reviews Round-Up – 1/28/15 – Sriracha Fierce Edition

Days go by. And here we are, Wednesday already, and with that comes another batch of music videos. Our “patented” mini-reviews are in-line and this one is all about the strong women of a-Tunes, doing their thing and reppin’ hard for their craft. Whether it’s just a little bit of extra grit, enthusiasm, intensity or emotion, these are the videos to showcase some of that.

Connie Lim – “Windmill”

+Connie steps up the intensity just a notch, and I dig it
-Video sorta felt like Flashdance 2014

Jessica Sanchez – “This Love

+3 Years removed from American Idol, why isn’t this girl any bigger?
-The fish-eye-ish image distortion on the POV shots are kinda annoying

G.R.L. – “Lighthouse

+A moving tribute to Simone

Awkwafina – “Daydreaming”

+WTF did I just watch?
-WTF did I just watch?

Jessi Malay – “The Edge”

+One of the better records from JM
-You’re basically watching a 3 and half minute slo-mo glamour shoot

Nicole Scherzinger – “On the Rocks”

+A pretty strong record overall
-The video took way too long to build up to the climax

Honey Cocaine – “Jumpan”

+I was kinda feelin the track…
-Until she started droppin N bombs everywhere.

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