Lookin’ Back: Devotion – “When I” (1999)

Oh, 1999. It was a simpler time. My 56k modem was helping me fly down the information superhighway. Flat screen TVs looked like giant cereal boxes. The world was freaking out about the upcoming Y2K bug. Oh, and I was in highschool, drinking Surge by the caseload while my friends and I were all trying to look like this, praying we could save up enough money to roll up to the opening of the Matrix in one of these.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, California was seeing an explosion of Filipino-American R&B groups – ignited by the debut of Kai (whom we covered before). One such act to reach the limelight during that R&pino(™) wave was the group Devotion. They debuted with this little gem…

“When I”

OK, sephia tone overload aside, the song has held up surprisingly well in my opinion. The video is definitely dated but tell me that’s not a sweet little song. Throw that in a mix tape or CD along with one of my other favorites of theirs…

“Girl It’s You”

…and throw one of these on the cover  and your crush would be adding your screenname to their buddy list in no time.

The fellas of Devotion tried to make a comeback a few years ago, to much less fanfare, but it was still great to hear some of the pioneers crooning behind the mic again. But if you want to relive the glory days, you’re in luck. You can listen to their early album, Image of Devotion, on all the major distributors. (Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify)

Man, those days will always hold a fond place in my nostalgia-tinged heart.

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