New Music Tuesday: 3/24/15 – Shogunna, Andrew Huang, Jason Chu, J. Reyez, Z. Woods, Julianne Manalo, Far East Movement


This week is single’s galore as we have 7 new ones to share with you and no albums or EPs in sight. So if you’re in the mood for a quick fix of music before moving on to the next, this is a batch you’re gonna want to check out. If you’re loving or hating anything in particular, let us know with a comment below!

[Single] Shogunna – “Lone Wolf”
Stream It: Soundcloud

[Double Single] Andrew Huang – Two Funks
Get It: Bandcamp

[Single] Jason Chu x Sarah Jake – “Marvels”
Get It: AmazonBandcamp, Google Play, iTunes
Stream It: Spotify

[Single] J. Reyez  – “Sorry I Don’t Know You”
Get It: Soundcloud
Stream It: Youtube

[Remix Single] Z. Woods x Toestah – “You” (Khoazy Remix)
Get It: Soundcloud
Stream It: Youtube

[Single] Julianne Manalo – “All In”
Get It: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes
Stream It: Spotify

[Single] Far East Movement Features for Hook N Sling – “Break Yourself”
Get It: Amazon, Beatport, iTunes
Stream It: Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube

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