Lyricks Launches a New Korean Cuisine Cooking Vlog Series – “Boombap!”

You may know Lyricks for his effortless flow. Or perhaps for his hold-up-rewind-that wordplay. Or maybe for his time spent sharing the stage with some of rap’s finest, including the Wu-Tang Clan. But what you may not know him for is his ridiculous cooking ability. This year, he’s begun sharing some of his classic Korean cuisine prep videos on Instagram and they are wildly entertaining, if a bit disorganized (15 second limits are hard to work around).

But you’re in luck cause he’s also started up his Youtube channel for the series called Boombap! Check the Korean wordplay on that one too. If you like your Hip-Hop with a side of Kimchee then this is the vlog for you.

Oh, and I recommend you follow the guy on Instagram too, cause the videos are possibly even funnier before they are compiled for Youtube.

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