Judith Hill’s Debut Album – Back In Time – Leaked as Free Download by Mentor, Prince

Whoa. Artists are always looking for new ways to grab consumers’ attention, to that point that sudden album releases are rarely shocking. And of course we’ve become accustomed to pre-release leaks, sometimes sanctioned by the artists and their label, often not. But what about something in between?

Songstress Judith Hill has been in the game a long time, but her major label debut is just now being primed for release. But her mentor, the one and only Prince, took it upon himself to drop the album as a free download for a limited time. And by limited we mean, get it now cause it’ll be gone after today (March 25th).

Sorry 2 bother U.

Just wanted 2 send U this
baby picture of Judith Hill with Her 1st piano.

Loox like her parents, who r also musicians- had a plan.
Well, that plan succeeded.

This is Judith Hill’s debut album BACK IN TIME.

Please spend some time with this music and then share it with someone U love.

I haven’t heard it yet but given her talent, I imagine this is def worth checking out.

Get it for free, here.

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