Snapshot: The Return of Erin Paula x Roxanne Ilano aka Rin on the Rox

It’s been nearly 6 years since we last saw Erin Paula & Roxanne Ilano perform as the duo Rin on the Rox. Due to some extenuating circumstances and perhaps some internal differences, the girls took a break with no set timetable to return. With their hiatus seemingly indefinite and as time wore on, an official reunion appeared less and less likely but chin up friends, because I think they’re back.

After a heartfelt post by Erin on Instagram reminiscing about the past (which has since been taken down), the two have reconnected and started to repave the road to making a comeback.

Erin Paula x Roxanne Ilano

And to further convince you that this is actually happening…

We’ll definitely keep you updated! Can’t wait for their official return.

Say Cheese!

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