Lorenzo & Massiah Are Finalists for the Make-A-Hit III Contest

Shadowville Productions has been holding a contest called ‘Make-A-Hit’ in recent years to showcase talent and help spread their production brand, allowing musicians to use a Shadowville beat and submit a video entry for a chance at various prizes. This year, Asian American artists Lorenzo & Massiah have made it into the finals with their submission ‘Tuesday’.

It’s a smooth r&b joint so make sure you check it out. They have approved it as a free download for a-Tunes readers!

So if you’re feeling the track, you can support them by heading on over to the contest website and voting for them.

Voting (free Shadowville.com account required)
We now ask you to carefully listen to and view the six finalist videos in an unbiased manner and help decide on the winner (you can use the decision factors mentioned above to help). Please do not bother voting multiple times — the system is designed to track duplicate votes via multiple techniques and will not count multiple votes from the same voter. Cheating will result in a banning of your account or access to the Shadowville website.

You must be logged in to vote or see the vote results. Register now!

The video isnt the greatest but I’m still feeling this track overall, what do you guys think?

(Does Lorenzo remind anyone else of Troy Polamalu? haha)

3 thoughts on “Lorenzo & Massiah Are Finalists for the Make-A-Hit III Contest

  1. Good News!

    It is with great pleasure to announce that Lorenzo and Massiah are the winners of Shadowville’s contest, Make-A-Hit III.

    On their behalf, I’d like to thank everyone that has shown their support, spread this song around, downloaded it, as well as vote for it.

  2. Hey, thanks so much for posting this and promoting the video — how awesome! However, I am not Asian-American. I am Samoan.

    Just to clarify. 🙂

    God’s Love,

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