Charice Previews New Single w/ IYAZ – “Pyramid”

Singing child prodigy Charice Pempengco has released a teaser of her upcoming song “Pyramid” featuring IYAZ and due to be released Tuesday, February 23 (next week!)

It sound’s pretty current and well produced, and IYAZ is undoubtedly a popular Top 40 artist to work with so I think these are pretty wise moves on behalf of her and her management. The song sounds promising and keeps her image youthful but not overly so and without abandoning her core audience (let’s be frank, the Oprah watching mothers love her).

Support the kid on Tuesday!

Source: AAtheory

4 thoughts on “Charice Previews New Single w/ IYAZ – “Pyramid”

  1. Definitely a MUST BUY! Sounds like a hit!

    Yes, you are right. We Asians should support her. Show some love people! Buy her latest single on Feb. 23.

  2. Hey WORLD! The Next BIG SUPERSTAR has arrived! Let’s welcome her… BUY her singles… and later on ALBUM. Feb. 23, remix and pop version.

  3. Thank you for mentioning my AAtheory article. I’ve been seeing on websites that Pyramid, the Album Version release date has been changed to March 2. We will see what happens. Thanks again.

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